Asus Max Pro M1, Max M2, Max M1 Price in India Cut, Now Start at Rs. 5,999

Asus has announced price cuts on three of its low-end phones in India. The popular Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 aka Asus Max Pro M1 has received a price cut worth Rs. 500 on all its variants and now starts at Rs. 7,499. The Asus Max M2 (previously known as the Asus ZenFone Max M2) has also seen its price get slashed by Rs. 500 and can now be purchased starting at Rs. 7,499. Lastly, the price of its predecessor, the Asus Max M1 (also known as Asus ZenFone Max M1) has been reduced by Rs. 1,000 and it can be currently picked up at Rs. 5,999 in India.

The price cut on the Asus Max Pro M1, Asus Max M2, and the Asus Max M1 is now live, and the aforementioned phones are currently available at their reduced price on Flipkart starting today. Starting with Asus Max Pro M1, the base 3GB+32GB model of the phone is now priced at Rs. 7,499 in India following the price cut, while the 4GB+64GB variant can be purchased for Rs. 8,499. The top-end 6GB + 64GB version of the Asus Max Pro M1 is now listed at Rs. 11,499 on Flipkart.

As for the Asus Max M2, it has received a price cut of Rs. 500 on both of its variants. The Asus Max M2 is now available at Rs. 7,499 for the phone’s 3GB+32GB variant, while the 4GB + 64GB variant is now up for grabs starting at Rs. 8,999 on Flipkart. Lastly, the 3GB+32GB model of the Asus Max M1 has received a hefty Rs. 1,000 price cut and is currently available for Rs. 5,999.

Asus says that the new pricing for Asus Max Pro M1, Asus Max M2, and the Asus Max M1 is live on Flipkart, but there is no word if they will be available at the reduced prices from offline stores as well. It must be noted that Asus was legally prohibited from using the “ZenFone” brand name in India, hence the name change.

Phone Variant Old Price New Price
Asus Max Pro M1 3GB+32GB Rs. 7,999 Rs. 7,499
Asus Max Pro M1 4GB+64GB Rs. 8,999 Rs. 8,999
Asus Max Pro M1 6GB+64GB Rs. 11,999 Rs. 11,499
Asus Max M2 3GB+32GB Rs. 7,999 Rs. 7,499
Asus Max M2 4GB+64GB Rs. 9,499 Rs. 8,999
Asus Max M1 3GB+32GB Rs. 6,999 Rs. 5,999

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